Portland Revit User Group (pdxRUG) kindly allowed me to present pyRevit changes and updates at their April 2017 gathering. It went well except for me saying ‘stuff like that’ too many times, and other bold statements which I’m sure I need to apologize for some of them someday. Forgive me Autodesk for I have sinned. :P

Anyway I had a good chance to talk about scripting for Revit basics and introduction to pyRevit tools. I also explained the overall structure of scripts and the usage logging system.

This partial video is about half-hour of the presentation on the basics of scripting for Revit and introduction to pyRevit, installation and configuration.

Link to Youtube Video

I also explained some of the tools but when editing the video, I realized it’s better if I create a pyRevit youtube channel and actually post short videos on some of the more important tools. This way they’ll be easier to find and watch. I was also running Revit in virtual machine on an Macbook and didn’t have a proper Revit file open for tool presentation.


I ended up cutting all the tool presentation out of this video and I’ll be posting individual tutorial videos about them shortly.

Thanks again to pdxRUG and the attendees for joining me and for their questions and suggestions.

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