pyRevit 4.6.20 is out. Download the installer from here

I mentioned in the previous post this is the final version of pyRevit v4.6

Here is the thing though: As I started planning features and improvements for the v4.7, I realized I need to do a lot of code cleanups and simplification in the process that is going to break more than a few APIs. There are part of the pyRevit code that are ancient and poorly designed and I don’t want to build the next pyRevit on top of them. They need to get fixed and this is the time.

So plans for v4.7 is going to merge into v5.0! 😃

However I need considerable amount of time before publishing the v5.0-beta so meanwhile I will continue providing bug fixes (no new features) support for the v4.6 until v5.0 is ready.

If you have any feature suggestions (all core changes are welcome) for v5.0 please head over to project issues and submit your request.

I’m excited to push pyRevit into its next phase. This will be the 5th time that I will completely renovate pyRevit from scratch (hence v5).

Thank you for all the support.