Hello everyone,

I am writing this note to let everyone know the next version of pyRevit 4.6 (being 4.6.20) is the final version in the line of 4.6. pyRevit core has changed quite a lot with adoption of the CPython engine and other changes to support non-modal window workflows. The pyRevit CLI has also massively changed with better help and testing. It is becoming increasingly harder to implement new features in 4.7 and backport these features to the older 4.6 core.

During the next months, I will be focusing all of my time on pyRevit documentation and prepration of pyRevit CLI official version 1.0 (it has been a pre-release all these months and under testing).


  • Complete core documentation
  • Core support for localisation
  • Unit testing framework for pyRevit python core
  • Unit tests for critical pyRevit core and cli features

pyRevit 4.7 Goals

  • pyRevit core will have full tool customization support so you can pick and choose from the tools across extensions and deploy them as a single image/package to your team. This is mostly to support teams that do not want to deploy all the available pyRevit tools.
  • Keynote Manage will be non-modal and will have keynote history
  • pyRevit will have Theme extensions (currently under development) so you can create your own icon themes for all the pyRevit tools and its extensions.
  • Support for C# scripts. C# tools will not be compiled anymore and will be run fresh on every button click just like their python counterparts.

pyRevit CLI 1.0 Goals

  • The offical first version of pyRevit cli has a much better help system similar to professionally developed cli programs e.g. aws and docker


  • pyRevit environment report pyrevit env can now export all the data into a json object for your logging systems.


  • Alongside providing the installers as usual, pyRevit cli will be available on Chocolatey (choco) package manager (you should definitely use choco if you do not already) as well:
choco install pyrevit-cli -y
  • It also has support for listing releases and downloading installers, as well as creating custom deployment images.


I’ll be back!