pyRevit 4.6.17 is out. Download the installer from here

See full release notes here

Keynote Manager Improvements

This version includes a series of improvements to the Keynote Manager and a few to other tools.

  • Re Issue 529 Keynote manager now sorts keynotes using an alphanumeric system. This sorting is based on the keynote key and not the keynote contents.


  • The reference count symbol has been adjusted to be less prominent. The tooltip now includes a list of referencing views as well.


  • The keyntoe type selector has been adjusted for less clicks and ease of switching


  • Small adjustment is made to the edit keynote window. The two ‘Reserved’ and ‘Not used’ buttons were replaced with a templates button. This system allows templates for keynote in the near future.



New Filters

A series of new filters have been added to the filtering system as well.

  • Filtering keynotes by visible in active view


  • Regular expression filter has been expanded to support CSI MasterFormat search (both inclusive and exclusive). This filter uses the previously release regex filter option to filter for keynotes that include any CSI MasterFormat division number. When filter is active you can see the regex pattern used for the search in filter box.


Inclusive regex filter (lists any keynote matching the filter)


Exclusive regex filter (lists any keynote NOT matching the filter)


Misc Improvements

  • Manage Packages tool now supports sheet ordering index parameters. The parameter needs to be of type integer and applied to sheets. The package manager automatically detects such parameters and will activate the new sorting option if finds any matches.