The output window now has a progress bar! Yaay!

(It’s the green line at the bottom of the output window)



Use it like this:

from scriptutils import this_script

# update_progress( current_value, max_value )
# so this means 50% progress
# values can be any int or float. The function will do
# the math and will calculate the percentage of completion.
this_script.output.update_progress(50, 100)

So let’s say your script is deleting some views. Using this method the script can update the progress bar as it is removing the views:

from scriptutils import this_script

view_ids = get_views_to_be_deleted()

view_count = len(view_ids)

with Transaction(doc, 'delete views') as t:

	for index, view_id in enumerate(view_ids):
		this_script.output.update_progress(index, view_count)

Awesome isn’t it?