Here is a list of most recent updates on pyRevit tools:

Batch Sheet Maker

Batch sheet maker now lets you create a range or list of sheets with the same sheet name very easily.

This example will create a range of sheets (A102 to A108) in the current model:

A102:A108			Sheet Name

You can also list specific sheet numbers that use the same sheet name. This example creates sheets A100, S100, E100, and M100 all with the same sheet name:

A100,S100,E100,M100			General Notes

Copy Sheets to Open Documents

This tool now can copy and set the revisions on the sheets being copied to the destination models as well:

Other Misc Updates

Other tools have also been updated to show a list of views instead of relying on view selection in the project browser:

The revision tools have also been updated to allow setting, unsetting multiple revisions at the same time: