Hey All,

Thank you all for supporting pyRevit especially to all of you who still financially support this project. I’ve opened a proper account for pyRevit with Simple bank and below is a snapshot of the available funds as of today.

pyRevit Rewards Program

So far pyRevit has not used any of these funds but I’m gonna start a rewards program to pay you developers a bit for adding tools and extensions to pyRevit.

I have never done this before so we’re all gonna figure this out going forwards but for now I thought we can have standard rewards of $10 and $20 (USD) for helping me out making the new tools requested on github issue tracker. I have tagged the issue with their associated rewards.

I can pay you via Paypal or Venmo. They’ve proven to be secure and their reach extends to the farthest corners of this planet. Please suggest any other methods if you know any. pyRevit will cover the transfer costs withing reasonable (?!) range.

Please don’t treat this as a source of income though. You might think “Well I have a pyRevit extension with 20 tools so 20 x 10 = $200 yeaaaah baby!”. Uhum well don’t be that smart please. Funds are very limited and we’re only replenishing at the speed of $25 a month.

I’m huge fan of transparency so I’ll also create a page that lists all these contributions and remaining available funds. Everything will be open book but you’ll decide whether your name is listed or to be anonymous.

Thank you again and keep me posted on your thoughts.