v4.5 is here, Happy 2018


As promised, pyRevit v4.5 is here and v4.4 is officially retired / not supported / not available. v4.5 is so much better trust me! :D

Watch the short video below on the most recent updates.



I have also moved a few pages from pyRevit blog to the new documentation. The updated pyRevit docs is here but it’s still work-in-progress. The documentation is taking a lot longer than expected initially but I’m going to finish this before I touch anything else in pyRevit.

The next couple of videos will be on updated pyRevit features e.g. charts, logging, controlling output window. Stay tuned.


I’d highly suggest removing all previous pyRevit versions and installing a fresh v4.5

But, if you decided to use the upgrade.bat tool to upgrade the v4.4 installation in-place, please make sure to run the install_addin.bat script after the upgrade to correct the addin manifest file with the new location of the pyRevitLoader.dll

Third-party Extensions:

pyRevit third-party extension still need to be updated so stay tuned until the developers update those for v4.5 and I’ll add them back ASAP.