I just pushed an update for the pyRevit installer to address these two issues: Issue #209 Issue #208

See this video on pyRevit installer updates.


System admins can also use the pyrevitgitservices.exe tool that is shipped with pyRevit to perform basic tasks on the pyRevit repository. See this page for full documentation of the tool.

For example this is how you can set the version of pyRevit repo using this tool:

pyrevitgitservices.exe setversion <pyrevit_installation_path> <hash commit>

And as a more specific example, this would set the pyRevit repo version to this commit:

pyrevitgitservices.exe setversion "C:\pyRevit" 71ec1e5

This new executive lives under:

<pyrevit install path>\release\pyrevitgitservices\pyrevitgitservices\bin\Release\

Hope this change helps managing pyRevit in large environment a bit easier.