re: Issue #149 reported by thazell

Renamed and updated:

  • Shift Selected Sheets One Up > Decrement Selected Sheet Numbers
  • Shift Selected Sheets One Up > Increment Selected Sheet Numbers

There were two scripts under the Sheets pulldown that would increment and decrement the sheet number of the selected sheets. I had written these scripts a long time ago for personal use and really didn’t get the chance to revisit and make them smarter. They’re designed to rename sheets that are numbered in A100 format so they’d produce an error with sheets formatted as A100a, S-100, or similar.

thazell created the issue #149 to address this shortcoming. I had a chance this afternoon to create/find a proper increment/decrement function for strings and use it to increment and decrement sheet numbers in a smarter fashion. This new function has been added to the coreutils module and is available to scripts as well.

Here is a couple of examples of how it would increment/decrement sheet numbers:

Decremented < Original > Incremented
A099 A100 A101
A099z A100a A100b
S-101Y S-101Z S-102A
M111-ZZ M112-AA M112-AB